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Investing in Real Estate and Construction is one of the best decisions you can make. This is because real estate is one of the safest investment areas that yield a return on investment that keeps on increasing with capital appreciation. The Nigerian real estate industry is not left out. With an estimated population of 200 million people, the demand for residential, commercial and industrial properties is increasing exponentially. While residential property development is high among low and medium-income earners, who are keen on acquiring properties with their saved up basic salaries, commercial and industrial property development are popular amongst the high-income earners.

With this demand for properties increasing, there’s an urgent need to meet this demand because the players in the field are not enough to meet the high demands.

Reasons to Invest in Nigeria Real Estate and Construction Sector

The Nigerian Real Estate Industry is waiting to be tapped

The high demand for properties in Nigeria makes the real estate and construction industry highly lucrative for investors. The majority of investors in the sector are sure of a steady flow of cash, notwithstanding the type of real estate investment they’re into. This is primarily because the demand is getting higher faster than the supply is growing, it’ll take some years before these two variables will reach equilibrium.

Government Incentives and Support

The government, because it wants to meet up with the housing and economic development of the nation, encourages real estate investors by offering them different types of incentives. Some of these incentives are in the form of loans and grants provided to real estate investors.

Availability of Resources

Nigeria has a large expanse of land. A vast amount of this land is yet to be developed. What does this mean? This means that a large portion of the Nigerian land space is waiting to be developed. Besides this, Nigerian has the necessary materials and manpower required to develop lands into different infrastructures. With the resources and workforce available, there is an avenue for both foreign and local investors to easily tap into the market.

Investment opportunities in Nigerian Real Estate and Construction Sector

The Nigerian real estate industry is more than just finding a place to call home. Over the years, investing in the real estate and construction sector in Nigeria has grown to become one of the most lucrative and profitable investments with numerous opportunities.

Some real estate and construction sector opportunities in Nigeria include;

  • Investing in rental properties
  • Land flipping
  • Residential Property development
  • Investing in Ultra-modern malls and event centers
  • Investing in Office buildings
  • Investing in Recreational Centers
  • Investing in Hospitality
  • Investing in Restaurants & Fast Food Outlets etc

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